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Comfort Hoof Care H Series

Featuring our ACCU-TRIM Leg Restraint System

  • Ergonomically designed work area
  • Open design loads cows without hesitation
  • Adjusts to accommodate various sized cattle
  • Synchronized controls and illuminated workspace
  • Compact design reduces steps, saves time

Easy cow handling for today’s dairy environment

Choose Model HS or HT for safe and easy cow handling

Model HS – stationary chute for on-farm use

  • Comfort Chute Model HS
  • Versatile hoof trimming chute, perfect addition to your dairy
  • Hoof trimming and treatments performed easily and accurately
  • Quality components provide years of lasting performance with low maintenance

Also available in a smaller size, accommodating Jersey herds.

Model HT – chute & trailer package for portable use

  • Serve large or small dairies
  • Designed to take the physical labor out of hoof trimming, focus on your technical expertise
  • Quality components stand the test of time and keep you on the job
  • Loading and unloading is fast, trim your first cow in five minutes

Package includes: Chute • Canopy • Wheel & Caster Set • Gate Frame • 4-6FT Aluminum Gates • 200ft Electrical Cord • Single or Tandem Axle Trailer. Additional aluminum gates in various sizes also available.


Model HS Chute

Electrical systems customized for your dairy and country
Height: 7 ft., 2.13 m
Width: 5 ft., 1.52 m
Length: 10 ft., 3.15 m
Weight: 3,200 lbs., 1,450 kg
Minimum working area: 9 ft. x 12 ft., 3 m x 4 m

Model HT Chute and Trailer

Electrical systems customized for your dairy and country
Total height of chute on trailer: 7 ft. 10 in., 2.38 m
Trailer width: 7 ft., 2.13 m
Trailer length: 15 ft. 6 in., 4.72 m
Trailer and chute weight: 5,580 lbs., 2,530 kg
Unloading and working height clearance: 8 ft. 6in., 2.70 m
Unloading width clearance: 8 ft. minimum